Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Tiffany Van Glider


I interviewed Tiffany for this week classmate conversation. Tiffany is from Simi Valley and she’s a freshmen here at CSULB. Her major is in jouranlism because english is her favorite subject and loved taking it back in high school.  Her dream job would be working in any sort of magazine and if all fails, she told me that she will go for something that help plan events. Tiffany favorite art project so far was the graffiti because she got to explore to Venice and always wanted to travel there with her friends. On her free time, Tiffany would hang out with a bunch of frineds, go watch movies, Netflex, travel and photography. The way she heard about this course was from her roommate who recomended her to take this class becuase of the fun projects. Tiffany favorite t.v. shows include either The Office or Breaking Bad. And favorite band is 1975.



Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Gloss, Digital Print, Google Images, and Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Jennifer Chen is completing her last year here at CSULB pursuing a master degree in Fine Arts. She was orginally a biology major but decided to switch over because she felt that she can find something more interesting and want herself to grow in different ways. Ms. Chen is experienced in printmaking and planning to teach one next semester. She even gave us flyers and encourage us to take it. Her art expresses the disturbance in landscapes.

Her work includes images from Google Maps where she print them out in 3D and add elements to express the images depth. The colors she included are sort of a neutral choice with a pop of colors later added. Looking a the artworks, Ms. Chen likes to include trees in them and have them in many different sizes. She showed both small disturbances with the smaller canvases that had the barks and the larger disturbances with the much larger canvases that included roads and buildings.

Jennifer wants to express the disturbance of these peaceful images. She wants us to realize that we shouldn’t take our planet for granted and be aware these “disturbance” can be caused by us humans. I believe that since she was a science major, Jennifer wanted to include the disturbances such as global warming, earthquakes, climate changes, and other natural disasters because she learned about them.

With Jennifer’s ideas, I feel that I can relate to her because she included something she learned in college and expressed it into her artwork. I will be inspired like her to pursue my goals and set an example to my own peers. Also with Jennifer exploring around her learning experiences, there’s no end to it, I want to do the same during and after college, to learn more about the world and experience something that will change my life forever.



Week 11 – Turning Pages

Marta did a really great job this week as a tour and helped raise awareness of how our society are too focus of electronics and not paying enough attention on reading actual books. We started off listening to Marta in the rain outside of the library about the situation then we soon headed inside. Words and pictures can capture an experience because when the artist start drawing the images, they have experience the situation before and have words to show what the images are expressing. Another way to share an experience is to create a video of you doing the activity so the viewers can also experience it. Documenting the experience instead of focusing on the event does set a distance between you and the event because you’re more busy looking at an electronic device trying to document what’s happeing when you should be more focus on the event itself. The experience of not taking pictures at the library compared to the bookstore was different because I’m sure many students wanted to document this event since not everyday we go to the library in a big group and read a giant book. But at the bookstore, not everyone was interested to take pictures. My experience for this activity was shocking because as I was reading the book to a student, I notice that people who are using the computers aren’t using it for education but for self entertainment. Our education needs to watch students who are misusing the computers and taking advantage of it. Also, we need to start reading more books in our life instead of going to the CSULB library just to grab a starbuck drink.IMG_20160407_112746049IMG_7754

Week 10 – Instagram



This week art project was to upload things you did on Thursday. I was really excited when I can finally uploads things onto my Instagram page. The experience was nice, I enjoyed going outside, calling up some friends, go see a movie and end the night eating out.Looking through all the pictures on Thursday, Anthony caught my attention and I thought it was cool that he got a picture at the Broad, and the selfie game on point. With connections, I saw that many of our classmates were taking selfies and it was nice to see everyone face! It felt like a whole community of our class having a blast during that Thursday. It was interesting to find out what people do for fun.

Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Werner Cox

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Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil Paint, Wood Carvings, Water Based Materials, Pastel Prints, Crayons, Markers

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: None

For this week artist conversation, I choose Helen Werner Cox. Helen will be graduating this semester with a MFA in drawing and painting here at Cal State Long beach. She was raised in Ithaca, New York, and then she moved to Massachusetts where she study in the area of fine arts. She taught middle and high schoolers for about thirty years, before she went back into college where she earned her master degree. She lived in Boston as long as thirteen years until she decide to move to California because of the endless downpour of rain and snow. Helen told us that it wasn’t a pleasent experience at all. We all laughed about it. After working in the area of middle school, she left that to become a librarian for thirteen years up at North Long Beach. Her hobbies include playing the dots game, drawing/painting, gardening and reading fiction/mystery books.

One of the photos with the horses in a dark enviroment is called, “Breakout or Outbreak-Which Will It Be?”. She created this art because as she was sitting in a carousel the horses were spinning in circles and moving up and down motion that gave her the idea to do this. The tools she used in this artwork was oil and pastel, it took her awhile because the artwork was too big, but in the end it came out really nicely. With the dark blue background, she make the horses in the painting stand out a lot more that caught my attention when I first looked at it. Overall she told us to be very careful when using pastels because if we touch, or bump into any of the pieces, it will smear. I notice that all horses were running like the wind and that gave a good impression that these horses were majestic and show their strong will.

The main point she wants to get out of this is that the world is always in a never ending cycle motion. The fact that the horse she shows always goes in circle leads to the idea that society is making the same mistake over and over again and that there’s no way for them to go backward and redo their mistakes. The horses in the carousel represents human beings being trapped inside a never ending cycle of pain that they will go through in society.

Now with the experience of the gallery and understanding Cox’s point of view it really hit my mind with so much reality fact. It’s true that human beings are bounded to make mistakes because no on is perfect but sometime there are moments where a human being would keep on doing the same mistakes and never leaving his/her cycle and kept riding again to the source of the mistake. This speaks out to me because I know I have a mentality to always be friend with anyone even if they hurted me so much in the past. With this, it show that I’m still cycling in circle as long as I keep talking to the person that hurted me in life and ignoring my close friends who told me to avoid that person no matter what.

Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Estalilla


Talking to Anthony this week, I was happy to tell him that he did a wonderful job doing a cover for us in class.  “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley is one of my favorite song that’s being played more often in today society. Anthony is a freshmen who’s still deciding to major in Molecular Cell Biology/Physiology. Anthony wants to aim to the cancer research as an oncologist. Anthony favorite sport is volleyball and spend most of his time at the REC center on campus. We both fanboy about our favorite anime “Naruto” and also our love for dogs.

Week 9 – Moonbase – Peter Dandy


The name is Dandy, Peter Dandy. Waking up one day in the moonbase was a shocking event. The last thing I remembered was surving a cliff fall with three of my other comrades but now I work as a Space pirate who goes around with my new trusty team mate, EskiNeemo. I am an easygoing and forgetful young man whose job is to discover new alien life forms across the galaxy and have them registered with the Space Alien Registration Center back at Moonbase. I am curretly the captain with EskiNeemo and our newest member, Colonel Robert. With us three together we are called the “Goon Squad”. As we continue to travel through space I haven’t notice that we were followed by other space bounty hunters this entire time because I have a huge bounty on my head. In the end of the journey, I found out that my body absorbed a reality-defying element (before waking up at the moonbase) called pyonium. Ultimately, after the universe began to come to its very end, I was revealed to be, something I didn’t quite understand myself.  I had to leave my friends to become a God so the last thing I said to them was “See you Space Cowboy”.

https://marylintry.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/margaret/  My previous teammates

https://jesusvirablog.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/wk-9-artist-experience-moonbase-alpha/ comrade 1: EskiNeemo

https://leonvonapple.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/robert-lee-abram/ comrade 2: Colonel Robert.