Week 15 – Artist Conversation – Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies By

Media: Print Making, Photography

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi

Website: none

Instagram: none

This week artist we conversated with was Nancy Young. Nancy is from Costa Mesa and talked to us about the struggle she went through in her past. Gladly she will be graduating this year with a BFA in Printmaking. Nancy told us about how she did attend Cal State Long Beach back in 1984, but had to drop due to academic probation because of drug abuse. She doesn’t plan to make her money from her art but decided to continue to work for Orange County area in programming and help many people.

This whole exhibition was about many portraits of crows. Nancy used many printmaking techniques to do so. As you can see, she used colors like black, white, and gray to give off different vibes for these arts. Whne I looked at the art, it was very gloomy and sad to me and it showed the struggle Nancy has gone through. I did notice that Nancy used many shades in her work to show the importance of pieces inside. While the lightly shaded area wasn’t as important.

It was heart warming to find out the true meaning of her art. The message of her sorrows using the crows as the symbol  to get us to understand the hardship she had to go through with school, drugs and her husband passing on seven years ago. Crows are symbols of departure and can see the dead, with that she used the crows to express her grief for her dead husband but also her departure from a school she has been through so much with.

With this exhibition I can relate to Nancy’s feelings because I too have a dead love one and I understand it was a very sorrowful event for her. It was great that she used that sadden event in her life to incorporate into her artwork and still carry on to achieve her goal to finish her stay at CSULB. The same goes for me, with one of my love one passing on, I will graduate here at CSULB no matter how long it takes!



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