Week 13 – Art Care Package


This week art project was pretty interesting. What I put together was items that had something significant to me was a symphony ticket to one of my all time favorite game “The Legend of Zelda”. The art portion of it was going to the symphony and listen to their wonderful music in which I propose the best form of art for that game. Looking through Rosa’s page, I couldn’t find out what she really likes so I’m sending a dog key cover as a present. Last but not least I’m sending her a cultural item which is a booklet of who to vote for in this upcoming election. Voting is really important to show that you have a voice for our generation.

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because you get to show that person something interesting but instead you actually get the items and it will take about a week to recieve the message. Giving someone like a parking ticket would be the most trash thing ever, as in the tiem has no value and you just want to get rid of it, I believe an item would be really valuable is when it was a limited time and you know for sure that it will never be sold ever again. I believe there’s not much of a difference between art in real life than art you send someone because art is art, if you actually put some thought into the gift, that means you just sent someone a valuable art that they should cherish. When you mail something of course it will take a while but Snapchat is something you show a person instantly to see how everyone is doing within their day. When you send out a gift, it’s something physical you can hold and use. Fast is better because you get to enjoy the object a lot faster than waiting for a while. Slow can be better because it builds up the anticipation of when will the item will come. Making a meal with love is much slower than getting a meal from Mcdonalds because Mcdonalds can make your food in less than two minutes. Snapchat is something you can’t send love to someone unless it’s your significant other, but sending a gift to a random stranger has a more love affect because it’s an object they can cherish.


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