Week 12 – Game Design

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With the geocaching game we used our mobile device as this week art project, I found it really fun since it’s like playing scavenger hunt with our classmates. The GPS coordinates I placed my cache was near the Beach Hut store on the south side of campus. I hid an eraser inside a red plastic container that had “treasure” written on it, and a little congratulation note inside. I hope that no random stranger finds it and throws it away. The experience was really fun because I get to travel around campus to find an object i didn’t know what it looked like. I started at the rec center and worked my way walking up the stairs to the opposite side of campus and finally found a blue bottle near a tree that had a note, some paper trash, and coins as my reward. (Free snack money!). I learned that there are sections around the campus where it’s base around majors. For instant, I passed through the engineering buildings and I never knew we had one and never notice it. It just gave off a differnent vibe seeing students actually studying really hard for that major. Expanding on the concept of muggles with geocaching, I myself know places around Long Beach where people I knew died through gunshots or suicide but still pass by the area like an everday agenda. Also when I have guests around Long Beach, I show them around the area I grew up in and tell them these stories, then I show them buildings/arts that were at spots I frequenly remembered. But in the end, there’re tourists who come into the city being smazed by the sight but are moggles because they never knew about its past.


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