Week 11 – Turning Pages

Marta did a really great job this week as a tour and helped raise awareness of how our society are too focus of electronics and not paying enough attention on reading actual books. We started off listening to Marta in the rain outside of the library about the situation then we soon headed inside. Words and pictures can capture an experience because when the artist start drawing the images, they have experience the situation before and have words to show what the images are expressing. Another way to share an experience is to create a video of you doing the activity so the viewers can also experience it. Documenting the experience instead of focusing on the event does set a distance between you and the event because you’re more busy looking at an electronic device trying to document what’s happeing when you should be more focus on the event itself. The experience of not taking pictures at the library compared to the bookstore was different because I’m sure many students wanted to document this event since not everyday we go to the library in a big group and read a giant book. But at the bookstore, not everyone was interested to take pictures. My experience for this activity was shocking because as I was reading the book to a student, I notice that people who are using the computers aren’t using it for education but for self entertainment. Our education needs to watch students who are misusing the computers and taking advantage of it. Also, we need to start reading more books in our life instead of going to the CSULB library just to grab a starbuck drink.IMG_20160407_112746049IMG_7754


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