Week 13 – Art Care Package


This week art project was pretty interesting. What I put together was items that had something significant to me was a symphony ticket to one of my all time favorite game “The Legend of Zelda”. The art portion of it was going to the symphony and listen to their wonderful music in which I propose the best form of art for that game. Looking through Rosa’s page, I couldn’t find out what she really likes so I’m sending a dog key cover as a present. Last but not least I’m sending her a cultural item which is a booklet of who to vote for in this upcoming election. Voting is really important to show that you have a voice for our generation.

Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a Snapchat because you get to show that person something interesting but instead you actually get the items and it will take about a week to recieve the message. Giving someone like a parking ticket would be the most trash thing ever, as in the tiem has no value and you just want to get rid of it, I believe an item would be really valuable is when it was a limited time and you know for sure that it will never be sold ever again. I believe there’s not much of a difference between art in real life than art you send someone because art is art, if you actually put some thought into the gift, that means you just sent someone a valuable art that they should cherish. When you mail something of course it will take a while but Snapchat is something you show a person instantly to see how everyone is doing within their day. When you send out a gift, it’s something physical you can hold and use. Fast is better because you get to enjoy the object a lot faster than waiting for a while. Slow can be better because it builds up the anticipation of when will the item will come. Making a meal with love is much slower than getting a meal from Mcdonalds because Mcdonalds can make your food in less than two minutes. Snapchat is something you can’t send love to someone unless it’s your significant other, but sending a gift to a random stranger has a more love affect because it’s an object they can cherish.


Week 13 – Classmate Conversation –


This week I got the honor to interview Justin Marguez. Justin is from Los Angeles around the Burbank area. He’s currently and first year at CSULB majoring in Computer Enginering.  Justin is doorming on campus and his roommate encouraged him to take this course because of the fun activities. During the weekends, he goes back to his hometown to spend time with family and then go back to work at the movie theater there. Justin felt that Long Beach is much slower than L.A. because L.B. is a city that doesn’t change as much with society.



Week 13 – Artist Conversation- Nick Bumford


Artist: Nick Bumford

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Mix media, plaster, random objects, clay, cement

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West Gallery

Website: none

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

This week artist I got to meet was Nick Bumford. Nick is currently a senior here at CSULB and plan to graduate this semester witha  BFA in Ceramics. He took ceramics back in high school and wanted to keep on going with it through college. Nick is from Huntington Beach where he’s the only artist in his family and has a little sister who does accounting. Most of Nick’s free time goes into making his art pieces.

Nick’s artwork was very unsual than the other artists I’ve met so far. His art is like a collaboration of random items place together to hold each other up. I like how he use specific lighting to give it a nice neon color in the dark and there were items like a cage, dolls, strings, and many sticks to give more room so that Nick can add on as much pieces he can. It was confusing to see the pieces since it was dark but it seemed they all fit together pretty well.

Nick felt that he wanted to explore and try out new things in art that no one has ever done. So he used different shape of objects to add onto the piece where he even add some pieces he own into the art to reflect himself through it. Using the lighting effect with the art was something he thought of within five days he was doing this project. I believe Nick reached his goals since it did confuse many of the classmates, and the fact that he completed this, it was a challenge brought upon himself bringing together these pieces.

I felt that Nick went out of his way in his comfort zone to bring this piece to life and I can compare that with my life. When taking this course I am a shy person and when it comes to getting a classmate conversation every week, I try my best to get out of comfort zone and speak with anyone who’s willing to talk. As a result, Nick’s product came out really nice with many objects on it and I can end this semester with more friends on campus.


Week 12 – Game Design

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With the geocaching game we used our mobile device as this week art project, I found it really fun since it’s like playing scavenger hunt with our classmates. The GPS coordinates I placed my cache was near the Beach Hut store on the south side of campus. I hid an eraser inside a red plastic container that had “treasure” written on it, and a little congratulation note inside. I hope that no random stranger finds it and throws it away. The experience was really fun because I get to travel around campus to find an object i didn’t know what it looked like. I started at the rec center and worked my way walking up the stairs to the opposite side of campus and finally found a blue bottle near a tree that had a note, some paper trash, and coins as my reward. (Free snack money!). I learned that there are sections around the campus where it’s base around majors. For instant, I passed through the engineering buildings and I never knew we had one and never notice it. It just gave off a differnent vibe seeing students actually studying really hard for that major. Expanding on the concept of muggles with geocaching, I myself know places around Long Beach where people I knew died through gunshots or suicide but still pass by the area like an everday agenda. Also when I have guests around Long Beach, I show them around the area I grew up in and tell them these stories, then I show them buildings/arts that were at spots I frequenly remembered. But in the end, there’re tourists who come into the city being smazed by the sight but are moggles because they never knew about its past.

Week 12 – Classmate Conversation – Tiffany Van Glider


I interviewed Tiffany for this week classmate conversation. Tiffany is from Simi Valley and she’s a freshmen here at CSULB. Her major is in jouranlism because english is her favorite subject and loved taking it back in high school.  Her dream job would be working in any sort of magazine and if all fails, she told me that she will go for something that help plan events. Tiffany favorite art project so far was the graffiti because she got to explore to Venice and always wanted to travel there with her friends. On her free time, Tiffany would hang out with a bunch of frineds, go watch movies, Netflex, travel and photography. The way she heard about this course was from her roommate who recomended her to take this class becuase of the fun projects. Tiffany favorite t.v. shows include either The Office or Breaking Bad. And favorite band is 1975.


Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Gloss, Digital Print, Google Images, and Printmaking

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

Jennifer Chen is completing her last year here at CSULB pursuing a master degree in Fine Arts. She was orginally a biology major but decided to switch over because she felt that she can find something more interesting and want herself to grow in different ways. Ms. Chen is experienced in printmaking and planning to teach one next semester. She even gave us flyers and encourage us to take it. Her art expresses the disturbance in landscapes.

Her work includes images from Google Maps where she print them out in 3D and add elements to express the images depth. The colors she included are sort of a neutral choice with a pop of colors later added. Looking a the artworks, Ms. Chen likes to include trees in them and have them in many different sizes. She showed both small disturbances with the smaller canvases that had the barks and the larger disturbances with the much larger canvases that included roads and buildings.

Jennifer wants to express the disturbance of these peaceful images. She wants us to realize that we shouldn’t take our planet for granted and be aware these “disturbance” can be caused by us humans. I believe that since she was a science major, Jennifer wanted to include the disturbances such as global warming, earthquakes, climate changes, and other natural disasters because she learned about them.

With Jennifer’s ideas, I feel that I can relate to her because she included something she learned in college and expressed it into her artwork. I will be inspired like her to pursue my goals and set an example to my own peers. Also with Jennifer exploring around her learning experiences, there’s no end to it, I want to do the same during and after college, to learn more about the world and experience something that will change my life forever.



Week 11 – Turning Pages

Marta did a really great job this week as a tour and helped raise awareness of how our society are too focus of electronics and not paying enough attention on reading actual books. We started off listening to Marta in the rain outside of the library about the situation then we soon headed inside. Words and pictures can capture an experience because when the artist start drawing the images, they have experience the situation before and have words to show what the images are expressing. Another way to share an experience is to create a video of you doing the activity so the viewers can also experience it. Documenting the experience instead of focusing on the event does set a distance between you and the event because you’re more busy looking at an electronic device trying to document what’s happeing when you should be more focus on the event itself. The experience of not taking pictures at the library compared to the bookstore was different because I’m sure many students wanted to document this event since not everyday we go to the library in a big group and read a giant book. But at the bookstore, not everyone was interested to take pictures. My experience for this activity was shocking because as I was reading the book to a student, I notice that people who are using the computers aren’t using it for education but for self entertainment. Our education needs to watch students who are misusing the computers and taking advantage of it. Also, we need to start reading more books in our life instead of going to the CSULB library just to grab a starbuck drink.IMG_20160407_112746049IMG_7754