Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

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Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals, Copper, Sterling Silver, Spray Paint, Fishing Wire

Gallery: CSULB, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No website yet

Instagram: None

This week featured artist was Sean Joy Cabanig, she’s on her last semester of BFA in metals at Cal State Long Beach! She wishes to continue her metalwork and plan to go to graduate school. She’s been living in Long Beach for five years when she came from Los Angeles, and spent her last two years at the dorms. Sean Joy created her art from simple curiously and experimenting to see what she can make. She was a Creative Writing Major at CSULB but decided it wasn’t the path for her and was inspired one day when she saw many wonderful drawing, paintings and metals at a crossroad.

Cabanig’s creation is a symbol that shows her emotions she always had inside and what she does on a daily basis. Some of her artwork would take an entire day, couple of weeks, or even an entire month. She just keeps in mind that if she’s willing to spend a lot of time on an artpiece or just not feeling the moment just yet. Some of the artpieces shows her heavy emotions and the humor quality she has put into the art. One of her favorite piece is the finger brace, and the other piece that no one really admire is the constellation piece on the ceiling where no one would know that it was an artwork.

She first start the art process with a simple sketch to draw out what she’s feeling in the moment and then with her professor approval, practice with a paper model to learn how to construct the piece. When she felt it’s time, she then go and start gathering the metals and begin right away on her final piece. She told us when she’s making the artwork, that she’s also enjoying herself as a metalsmith. It was nice to see that all her pieces were different in their own ways such as some not haivng its own perfect goals.

I honestly found the whole experience there to be really emotional. Not from her but from the wonderful pieces she has created. Each piece gave off a vibe of her very own emotion and must have took a very long time to carefully craft each piece with every details at its finest point. Cabanig and I are similar because she would have quality time with her artwork like I would when I’m drawing in the middle of the night, also that she tries to spend time with her friends and video games just like me.




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