Week 8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Artist: Brianna Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: sectioned hand-printed images, BFK printmaking paper, light sensitive emulsion stencils, water based ink screen with aluminum frames

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram: @bri.joy

For this week artist gallery, Bri Joy showed her beautiful artworks. Bri is currently enrolled at CSULB and will hope to graduate this year with BFA in Printmaking. She talked about how she really enjoys a lot of active hobbies such as hiking, yoga, snowboarding and surfing. She came from a really small town and moving to Long Beach impacted not only her but the art she has created as well. With that, the artwork she brought in shows two elements to them, the big city and the small town.

Bri art consist of the colors black and white where she would use hard printed work on a larger sheet of paper with her unique ink. The artworks are so big that she had to break it down and piece it on individually to get the art at the right spot. It’s really difficult too because if Bri messes up, she has to start all over again. Pretty risky. I love how her art gives off a vibe of mystery and wonders that makes you look at the artpiece for a long period of time just thinking.  The various lines and curves is what her artpieces had that caught my attention.

The exhibition “MERGE”,  helped infuse ideas in her artwork. As her artwork would show her past life in a small town where it was difficult to talk outside to a much larger city in Long Beach where her life completely changed once she moved here and it was different from how she grown up.Some of the art had abrupt lines in them that shows the dramatic changes to her life, thus this shows the true beauty of her pieces.

With Bri’s work, I feel like it also connects with my life from going from an easy going high school life with good amount of friends who were there for me to a fast paced college life where I meet a whole bunch of more people who are soon to be more friends. Looking back at her artwork, it really got me thinking of my own past and how I overcame many road blocks in my life and got to where I am now to be the first in my family to attend a university of my dream.



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