Week 10 – Instagram



This week art project was to upload things you did on Thursday. I was really excited when I can finally uploads things onto my Instagram page. The experience was nice, I enjoyed going outside, calling up some friends, go see a movie and end the night eating out.Looking through all the pictures on Thursday, Anthony caught my attention and I thought it was cool that he got a picture at the Broad, and the selfie game on point. With connections, I saw that many of our classmates were taking selfies and it was nice to see everyone face! It felt like a whole community of our class having a blast during that Thursday. It was interesting to find out what people do for fun.


Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Helen Werner Cox

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Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil Paint, Wood Carvings, Water Based Materials, Pastel Prints, Crayons, Markers

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: www.helenwernercox.com

Instagram: None

For this week artist conversation, I choose Helen Werner Cox. Helen will be graduating this semester with a MFA in drawing and painting here at Cal State Long beach. She was raised in Ithaca, New York, and then she moved to Massachusetts where she study in the area of fine arts. She taught middle and high schoolers for about thirty years, before she went back into college where she earned her master degree. She lived in Boston as long as thirteen years until she decide to move to California because of the endless downpour of rain and snow. Helen told us that it wasn’t a pleasent experience at all. We all laughed about it. After working in the area of middle school, she left that to become a librarian for thirteen years up at North Long Beach. Her hobbies include playing the dots game, drawing/painting, gardening and reading fiction/mystery books.

One of the photos with the horses in a dark enviroment is called, “Breakout or Outbreak-Which Will It Be?”. She created this art because as she was sitting in a carousel the horses were spinning in circles and moving up and down motion that gave her the idea to do this. The tools she used in this artwork was oil and pastel, it took her awhile because the artwork was too big, but in the end it came out really nicely. With the dark blue background, she make the horses in the painting stand out a lot more that caught my attention when I first looked at it. Overall she told us to be very careful when using pastels because if we touch, or bump into any of the pieces, it will smear. I notice that all horses were running like the wind and that gave a good impression that these horses were majestic and show their strong will.

The main point she wants to get out of this is that the world is always in a never ending cycle motion. The fact that the horse she shows always goes in circle leads to the idea that society is making the same mistake over and over again and that there’s no way for them to go backward and redo their mistakes. The horses in the carousel represents human beings being trapped inside a never ending cycle of pain that they will go through in society.

Now with the experience of the gallery and understanding Cox’s point of view it really hit my mind with so much reality fact. It’s true that human beings are bounded to make mistakes because no on is perfect but sometime there are moments where a human being would keep on doing the same mistakes and never leaving his/her cycle and kept riding again to the source of the mistake. This speaks out to me because I know I have a mentality to always be friend with anyone even if they hurted me so much in the past. With this, it show that I’m still cycling in circle as long as I keep talking to the person that hurted me in life and ignoring my close friends who told me to avoid that person no matter what.

Week 10 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Estalilla


Talking to Anthony this week, I was happy to tell him that he did a wonderful job doing a cover for us in class.  “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley is one of my favorite song that’s being played more often in today society. Anthony is a freshmen who’s still deciding to major in Molecular Cell Biology/Physiology. Anthony wants to aim to the cancer research as an oncologist. Anthony favorite sport is volleyball and spend most of his time at the REC center on campus. We both fanboy about our favorite anime “Naruto” and also our love for dogs.

Week 9 – Moonbase – Peter Dandy


The name is Dandy, Peter Dandy. Waking up one day in the moonbase was a shocking event. The last thing I remembered was surving a cliff fall with three of my other comrades but now I work as a Space pirate who goes around with my new trusty team mate, EskiNeemo. I am an easygoing and forgetful young man whose job is to discover new alien life forms across the galaxy and have them registered with the Space Alien Registration Center back at Moonbase. I am curretly the captain with EskiNeemo and our newest member, Colonel Robert. With us three together we are called the “Goon Squad”. As we continue to travel through space I haven’t notice that we were followed by other space bounty hunters this entire time because I have a huge bounty on my head. In the end of the journey, I found out that my body absorbed a reality-defying element (before waking up at the moonbase) called pyonium. Ultimately, after the universe began to come to its very end, I was revealed to be, something I didn’t quite understand myself.  I had to leave my friends to become a God so the last thing I said to them was “See you Space Cowboy”.

https://marylintry.wordpress.com/2016/03/20/margaret/  My previous teammates

https://jesusvirablog.wordpress.com/2016/03/21/wk-9-artist-experience-moonbase-alpha/ comrade 1: EskiNeemo

https://leonvonapple.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/robert-lee-abram/ comrade 2: Colonel Robert.


Week 9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

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Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Metals, Copper, Sterling Silver, Spray Paint, Fishing Wire

Gallery: CSULB, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No website yet

Instagram: None

This week featured artist was Sean Joy Cabanig, she’s on her last semester of BFA in metals at Cal State Long Beach! She wishes to continue her metalwork and plan to go to graduate school. She’s been living in Long Beach for five years when she came from Los Angeles, and spent her last two years at the dorms. Sean Joy created her art from simple curiously and experimenting to see what she can make. She was a Creative Writing Major at CSULB but decided it wasn’t the path for her and was inspired one day when she saw many wonderful drawing, paintings and metals at a crossroad.

Cabanig’s creation is a symbol that shows her emotions she always had inside and what she does on a daily basis. Some of her artwork would take an entire day, couple of weeks, or even an entire month. She just keeps in mind that if she’s willing to spend a lot of time on an artpiece or just not feeling the moment just yet. Some of the artpieces shows her heavy emotions and the humor quality she has put into the art. One of her favorite piece is the finger brace, and the other piece that no one really admire is the constellation piece on the ceiling where no one would know that it was an artwork.

She first start the art process with a simple sketch to draw out what she’s feeling in the moment and then with her professor approval, practice with a paper model to learn how to construct the piece. When she felt it’s time, she then go and start gathering the metals and begin right away on her final piece. She told us when she’s making the artwork, that she’s also enjoying herself as a metalsmith. It was nice to see that all her pieces were different in their own ways such as some not haivng its own perfect goals.

I honestly found the whole experience there to be really emotional. Not from her but from the wonderful pieces she has created. Each piece gave off a vibe of her very own emotion and must have took a very long time to carefully craft each piece with every details at its finest point. Cabanig and I are similar because she would have quality time with her artwork like I would when I’m drawing in the middle of the night, also that she tries to spend time with her friends and video games just like me.



Week 9 – Classmate Conversation – Jesus Vireamontes

This week classmate conversation, I talked to a cool dude named Jesus. Jesus is currently a second year at CSULB and is majoring in Sciology to study why do people behave in certain ways. Jesus took this class to get his art GE done and so far he loves the spray paint project because it was something he could do really fast and easy. He also liked how the class doesn’t requre any textbook and that made him pick this one in an instant. Jesus is currently working part-time at Green Crush where they sell drinks and he likes it so far. For his free time, Jesus either watch anime, play video games online or get as much sleep as he can when he’s not working.




Week 8 – Automatic Drawing

Trying this out for the first time with my little sister, it was funny because she kept on laughing and was really confused on what was going on. So I combined two printing papers to make one big paper because I couldn’t get a bigger paper in time, and we drew on a picture frame that was lying around. Closing our eyes and moving together was sort of difficult from the start, but as we kept moving our hands the art started to progress some more. With the result, it came out really light and looks like a bunch of scribbles but we enjoyed the experience of creating something together for the first time.