Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Kristi Jensen

Artist: Kristi Jensen
Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form a Single Entity
Media: Metal and Jewelry
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Website: N/A
Instagram: Whipperton

Kristi Jensen is one of the artists who showed up today in the program Fuse to show us what she’s done so far. Kristi is currently going for her B.F.A. in metal and jewelry. She was in the Sculptor program until one day she went a saw what some artists were doing to metals that caught her attention and made her switch program. Her interests includes watching the Walking Dead, reading, and knitting. She doesn’t have an idea going before making the arts, she just goes with the flow and see how it would turn out and later polish it.

One of her favorite artwork she made was an onion looking metal scrap that she created. She didn’t name it yet but took about 10-15 hours to complete but she wasn’t rush to make these arts, so she worked on it for about three weeks. The onion art as you can see in the third image consists of metals being bent and form into a curve where it may look like a pot even. The pieces of metla were molded using flames and that’s one reason why Kristi went into the metal and jewelry program, to set things on fire!

While listening to Kristi conversation, she breifly talked about being inspired because of her grandpa. He would fix telivisions and she would just watch him when she was a little girl. This made her more interested in self teaching herself like her grandpa did. So she would experiment with many meterial of metals in her art today and that is what she’s exploring now.

Finding about her strong relation with her grandpa, this was something I can realte to beacuse I would watch my grandpa toss out left over food for the pigeons to eat. I would sit and watch them eat and help my grandma too since she was old but that didn’t stop her from getiing up really early in the morning doing the same routine everyday. Now today I would love to work with animals and have a strong interest about taking care of any animal. Kristi also talked about how she would rather sell her art than giving it away for free because that one person she gave it for free will just store her art in a desk and never wear it again. But when she sels it, she knows that the perosn would wear it more often anmd she wants her art to be out there in the world. This made me realize how artist would sell their art at a high price not because they want the money but because it would be worth more for the buyer since they would spend a high amount of money on something they are interested in.


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