Week 5. Cuisine.

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For this week art project with cuisine, I loved how I can finally build something that involes me eating it after, yum! I for one have a sweet tooth and choose to make something around ice-cream. For my ingredients I used vanilla ice-cream, mint oreas, six ferrero rochers, and caramel hershey’s syrup. I choose to go with this idea for cuisine because when I do go out I find out that there’s not much places serve ice-cream with any toppings you want beside frozen yogurt spots. The process in making this was kinda difficult since I didn’t have a legit ice-cream scooper but I did try my best to use a spoon to get the vanilla stay in place. Next I started putting on the chocolates and oreos to make it more appealing to eat and finished it off with syrup put onto the dish in a zig zaggy motion. I would love to try this project again but this time with friends around to help me finish off this tower of sweets.


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