Week 3 – Artist/Classsmate Conversation -Joshua Vasquez

Artist: Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.joshvasquez.com

Instagram: joshybehr

Looking through all the art, I stumble upon one artist name Joshua Vaspuez. He’s currently an undergraduate student at CSULB and planning to graduate pretty soon. Joshua is cIMG_7366urrently in the B.F.A. Painting and Drawing Program at the Cal State Long Beach! Joshua told us that he’s really interested in the art of Vida/ Morte where his artwork showed death with his paintings and life with the flowers on the ground. His idea explored a theme of having a life span, both the materials would have a lifespan as the ink would soon run out and the flowers would die without any soil and water.

So his artwork is using clear trash bags, paper mounted on wood panels, and red rosin paper for the paitings on the wall. His other work was scraps of flowers put together on top of a large piece of paper. Looking up close to the paitings, I didn’t get at what I was looking at but standing back a few steps made me amazed on how I can see the images more clearly by using mostly ink, Joshua did a fantastic job on the pieces. With the flowers art, it was interesting how he approach this concept because I felt a great deal of life within the flowers and death awaiting for it as the color of the paper was gray that made me felt sorrow for the flowers. Good choice of pink color on the flowers as it stand out a lot more when you first walked into the room.

Getting to understand the artist and his works, we asked him why he choose to do these artworks and how he was feeling about it. “It took me a while to understa20160204_120132nd how I was gonna go with this but I just felt what’s on my mind and didn’t have much feelings working on it.”

I felt that the artworks made me realize the lifespan on the materials that were used in here. Knowing that he used ink to draw the paintings I didn’t care much for the pens because it’s just an object. But whe
n I looked down onto the flowers I felt a sense of sadness as these wonderful looking flowers were once alive and the only thing now awaiting for it is death. I felt a sense of remorse and I stood there looking back and forth at Joshua as he kept there standing proudly of his artwork. He was glad that many of us got to understand his artworks and asked many questions that made him think and realize a lot more of his very own work.

For my classmate conversation, I talked with a classmate name Marilyn in which we discuss about how when we both saw the flyers for abroad art studying, we were interested until we saw tharte price of the whole expense. But will keep in mind that this is an option we can take here at CSULB. Then walking over to the other art rooms, Marilyn was talking about how she could of done her sand project a lot sooner but decided to go to an art museum instead. It was nice that she went there but was off task of her homework haha.




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