Week 6. Photowalk.

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The experience of the walk was nice just because we get to move around a lot around the campus. Our wonderful host Crysta Tim did a wonderful job guiding our group from the campus bookstore to the Brotman Hall. Students looked at us like we were some sort of group who came onto campus for a tour because we had our cameras out, but it was exciting that I got pretty good shots of flowers starting to bloom near the bookstore, going to the USU and took more pictures of a couple of friends who were around playing pool. In my photographs, I was loooking for a good position where I can get a clear shot that shows the best part of the campus and adding students in them to show that Cal State Long Beach do have activities for your free time. The guide was very good, I’m happy it was somewhere close by and not as far like the Japanese Garden. Crysta was doing a wonderful job leading the group and giving us time to take pictures.


Week 5. Cuisine.

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For this week art project with cuisine, I loved how I can finally build something that involes me eating it after, yum! I for one have a sweet tooth and choose to make something around ice-cream. For my ingredients I used vanilla ice-cream, mint oreas, six ferrero rochers, and caramel hershey’s syrup. I choose to go with this idea for cuisine because when I do go out I find out that there’s not much places serve ice-cream with any toppings you want beside frozen yogurt spots. The process in making this was kinda difficult since I didn’t have a legit ice-cream scooper but I did try my best to use a spoon to get the vanilla stay in place. Next I started putting on the chocolates and oreos to make it more appealing to eat and finished it off with syrup put onto the dish in a zig zaggy motion. I would love to try this project again but this time with friends around to help me finish off this tower of sweets.

Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Kristi Jensen

Artist: Kristi Jensen
Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form a Single Entity
Media: Metal and Jewelry
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Website: N/A
Instagram: Whipperton

Kristi Jensen is one of the artists who showed up today in the program Fuse to show us what she’s done so far. Kristi is currently going for her B.F.A. in metal and jewelry. She was in the Sculptor program until one day she went a saw what some artists were doing to metals that caught her attention and made her switch program. Her interests includes watching the Walking Dead, reading, and knitting. She doesn’t have an idea going before making the arts, she just goes with the flow and see how it would turn out and later polish it.

One of her favorite artwork she made was an onion looking metal scrap that she created. She didn’t name it yet but took about 10-15 hours to complete but she wasn’t rush to make these arts, so she worked on it for about three weeks. The onion art as you can see in the third image consists of metals being bent and form into a curve where it may look like a pot even. The pieces of metla were molded using flames and that’s one reason why Kristi went into the metal and jewelry program, to set things on fire!

While listening to Kristi conversation, she breifly talked about being inspired because of her grandpa. He would fix telivisions and she would just watch him when she was a little girl. This made her more interested in self teaching herself like her grandpa did. So she would experiment with many meterial of metals in her art today and that is what she’s exploring now.

Finding about her strong relation with her grandpa, this was something I can realte to beacuse I would watch my grandpa toss out left over food for the pigeons to eat. I would sit and watch them eat and help my grandma too since she was old but that didn’t stop her from getiing up really early in the morning doing the same routine everyday. Now today I would love to work with animals and have a strong interest about taking care of any animal. Kristi also talked about how she would rather sell her art than giving it away for free because that one person she gave it for free will just store her art in a desk and never wear it again. But when she sels it, she knows that the perosn would wear it more often anmd she wants her art to be out there in the world. This made me realize how artist would sell their art at a high price not because they want the money but because it would be worth more for the buyer since they would spend a high amount of money on something they are interested in.

Wk 5. Classmate conversation. Sean Hernandez.

This week classmate conversation I’ve done was Sean Hernandez. Sean major is currently in economics where he will soon want a job somewhere in that field but for now he’s working on his general education classes. He lives in Bueno Park where he can easily commute but I told him that it was far in my opinion from CSULB. He’s a third year into CSULB and so far loves taking this art course. His favorite project so far is creating his name for the Graffiti art at Venice Beach and told me how he was rushing at the last minute with this project, spray painting in the dark haha. I was shocked how he actually went to Venice beach at night because I didn’t think he actually did until he showed me the picture on his website. It was cool that he got a friend to help him out with the picture.IMG_7422.JPG

Week 4 – Artist/Classmate Conversation. Samuel Jernigan.

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsey and Ideals

Media: Ceramic

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West



Samuel Jernigan is an interesting artist who focus most of his work on sculptures as he would spend long hours, even days to finish his projects. Samuel recently graduated from Cal State University Long Beach last semester with a B.F.A. and was kind enough to bring in his arts and inspire many of our students in the world of sculpting.

His art work consist of many world known figures from movies and books. There were some art that made me wonder how long it took to make since it looked like some of the pieces were missing and he put so much effort into them. It was interesting to hear that Samuel got his idea from going to flea markets and looked at toys being unused. This inspired him to brings all the toys together as one and can be seen together instead of it being in its abandon state.

I love it how Samuel’s arts can detach from each other and  be replace by another piece of art to make an endless amount of combinations. He still express his art as toys with this  mix and match. But one genre he focuses on is called belonging and abandonment. It’s where once he found these lost toys from :adandonment” and made it his “belonging” to his work and spread the idea of one’s man junk is another man treasure.

Coming from central California, Samuel made it his goal to leave a mark at CSULB before he left. Now working at a local farmers’ market, he still gives some of his free time into his art projects. But then again, he’s just like us, an adult who binge watch through television shows and have a normal life in which he loves spending his time with his sculptures.



Peter Bay. Week 4. Graffiti.


This week art project was a bit difficult for me. I’ve practice tagging my name here and there through classes in middle school but it’s been so long since then. Trying to mark the cardboard with my name was a bit hard beacuse when I started to paint, i lost track of my lines and began to spray on my name the best as I could. The color I choose to spray my name were green and silver, I felt those color would mix very well together. I now understand that tagging is something you just got to keep on practicing to get it perfect. Now when I look at tags during a train ride, I can understand that these people who tagged it are really good with spray paints and also risk their lives to do it.

Week 3 – Artist/Classsmate Conversation -Joshua Vasquez

Artist: Joshua Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida/Morte

Media: Painting

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West


Instagram: joshybehr

Looking through all the art, I stumble upon one artist name Joshua Vaspuez. He’s currently an undergraduate student at CSULB and planning to graduate pretty soon. Joshua is cIMG_7366urrently in the B.F.A. Painting and Drawing Program at the Cal State Long Beach! Joshua told us that he’s really interested in the art of Vida/ Morte where his artwork showed death with his paintings and life with the flowers on the ground. His idea explored a theme of having a life span, both the materials would have a lifespan as the ink would soon run out and the flowers would die without any soil and water.

So his artwork is using clear trash bags, paper mounted on wood panels, and red rosin paper for the paitings on the wall. His other work was scraps of flowers put together on top of a large piece of paper. Looking up close to the paitings, I didn’t get at what I was looking at but standing back a few steps made me amazed on how I can see the images more clearly by using mostly ink, Joshua did a fantastic job on the pieces. With the flowers art, it was interesting how he approach this concept because I felt a great deal of life within the flowers and death awaiting for it as the color of the paper was gray that made me felt sorrow for the flowers. Good choice of pink color on the flowers as it stand out a lot more when you first walked into the room.

Getting to understand the artist and his works, we asked him why he choose to do these artworks and how he was feeling about it. “It took me a while to understa20160204_120132nd how I was gonna go with this but I just felt what’s on my mind and didn’t have much feelings working on it.”

I felt that the artworks made me realize the lifespan on the materials that were used in here. Knowing that he used ink to draw the paintings I didn’t care much for the pens because it’s just an object. But whe
n I looked down onto the flowers I felt a sense of sadness as these wonderful looking flowers were once alive and the only thing now awaiting for it is death. I felt a sense of remorse and I stood there looking back and forth at Joshua as he kept there standing proudly of his artwork. He was glad that many of us got to understand his artworks and asked many questions that made him think and realize a lot more of his very own work.

For my classmate conversation, I talked with a classmate name Marilyn in which we discuss about how when we both saw the flyers for abroad art studying, we were interested until we saw tharte price of the whole expense. But will keep in mind that this is an option we can take here at CSULB. Then walking over to the other art rooms, Marilyn was talking about how she could of done her sand project a lot sooner but decided to go to an art museum instead. It was nice that she went there but was off task of her homework haha.